Established in 1969 in Tehran, Iran National Language Institution (INLI) is one of the leading educational centers specializing in teaching English and other living languages with a background of about 50 years and more than 120 active branches all over Iran.

Services presented in this educational organization are as follows:

1.     AI & AT Courses (Adults' IELTS & TOEFL)

2.     English Commercial Courses

3.     Free Discussion Courses

4.     Administration of Mock Exams Corresponding to Cambridge University

5.     Special Course for the Personnel Families of Different Companies, Ministries, Organizations, Municipalities, Hospitals, etc.

6.     Marketing and Advertising Courses

7.     Customer Care Course

8.     Meetings and Negotiations Courses

9.     Courses of English for Automobile

10.    Courses of English Correspondences

11.  French Language Courses

12.   Crash/Semi-Crash Courses of English Conversation (Elementary to Upper-Intermediate)

13.   English Language Translation Courses